Kickstarter Blog Loves Nonvella!


Just a quick update for all you wonderful readers and supporters: We are thrilled to announce that Kickstarter has featured us on their blog, with a short and sweet Q&A titled “What is Nonvella?”

We’ve been really pleased with our interactions with the Kickstarter folks and so to have them take interest in our micropublishing venture by featuring us on their blog, well, it’s made our day.

Here’s a teaser of our Q&A with the lovely folks at Kickstarter:

You describe yourselves as “the craft brewing of publishing” — it’s a wonderful description that brings to mind the aficionado, as well as an appreciation of nuance. Can you talk a bit more about what it means to you?

It sort of came off the cuff and then, inevitably, stuck. Especially in Vancouver right now there are all these great microbreweries. They’re fresh. They’re local. They’re good value. They’re smaller. And best of all, they’re actually influencing and shaping our taste buds for the better.

The more we struggled with summarizing what Nonvella Publishing was about to people, the more we realized that yes, we really are the craft brewery of publishing: local, small-batch, community-oriented, taste-makers.

How does your design aesthetic inform (or work with) what you choose to publish?

When we worked with our graphic designers (shoutouts to Grey Vaisius and Justin Alm) on our graphic assets, they really understood from the get go what we were after with Nonvella: substance with style (a straight up, clean, timeless style to be exact).

In many ways that mantra applies just as readily to what we publish. Yes, we want our nonvellas to be contemporary and relevant but there has to be an evergreen quality to them. They have to weather and age well. As for substance, writing without substance is like cooking without salt. We’d never dream of it!

Form or function? 

Ooh. You’d make us pick?! On this front, we believe that you can have both. The very best form, always, should serve function first and foremost. That said, with a book that function can change, and there’s where the fun comes in. Maybe that function is to be a beautiful book series that you can display on a shelf as well as dip into for a good read.

Maybe that function is to transport the reader away into the world of the author’s insights and thoughts, in which case the form can be any variation of words on a page, whether it’s an epub for a kindle, PDF for your laptop, or print edition in your eager hands.

Can you judge a book by its cover? No. Of course not. But can you judge a publisher, even a micropublisher like us, by their covers? Yes.


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