Tyee Bridge on 19 Questions

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Nonvella publisher Tyee Bridge was recently interviewed by Nineteen Questions.  A project of the UBC Creative Writing program, the site asks writers how they became who they are— and explores their career trajectories, challenges, and creative process.

Below is a (very brief) excerpt. You can click for the full interview by Andrea Hoff. 


“The ice-sheet of the 20th-century publishing model has broken loose of its old moorings, that’s clear, and it’s floating free of the shore; none of us is sure how long we’ll have before our respective ice-floe melts, or if the current is really taking all of us to someplace safe, where things will make sense again.

But when everything’s cracking up, you might as well take some risks and try some experiments, because you’re already at risk. Something out there is going to work, so get involved somehow. Be part of creating the new world that’s trying to emerge.”


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