By Duncan McCue

NONVELLA_TheShoeBoyAt age 17, Duncan McCue spent five months in a hunting cabin with a James Bay Cree family. His coming-of-age memoir of those days is frank, funny and evocative. It’s also a beautiful sketch of the landscape and culture of the Cree— a nation still recovering from massive hydroelectric projects that flooded over 11,000 square kilometres of their traditional territory.

His story deftly entwines the challenges of identity for First Nations youth, the sexual frustration and hopeful confusion of the teenage years, and the realities of living in an enduring state of culture shock.  

 “Duncan McCue is one of the most profound and sensitive writers I’ve had the pleasure of reading. And The Shoe Boy is that rare little gem of a book. It’s indelible.”
     —Joseph Boyden, Giller Prize-winning author of Through Black Spruce and The Orenda


Available June 10, 2016. Ebooks at Kobo, iBooks and Amazon and print editions in better bookstores. You can also order at the Nonvella store here.