The Tyee reviews “The Silicon Rapture”

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“The Silicon Rapture” strikes a chord with The Tyee’s Dembicki

This weekend, The Tyee‘s Geoff Dembicki reviews Adam Pez’s “The Silicon Rapture” in his article “By Worshiping Silicon Valley, Do We Condone Inequality? BC writer embedded at Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity Summit raises question in his new ‘nonvella.’

Dembicki notes that “the events Pez describes took place two years ago, yet the themes he addresses couldn’t be timelier” and he’s right. The Singularity, the main subject of Pez’s nonvella, is sort of like the gift that keeps giving; as a topic, it seems to only get more timely, whether by dint of Tesla founder Elon Musk likening AI to Nukes, the darkly riveting trailers for upcoming AI thriller Ex Machina or the news that Terminator director James Cameron refuses to use a smartphone. All this to say, the topic of AI, and how it will fit, enmesh or enslave our future is a big one.

As for Dembicki, he finds that while the wider discussion may just getting going, the battle may already be over:

“Yet is it wise to put such uncritical faith in technology? To treat it as an inexorable force distinct from ourselves? And does doing so benefit all of society equally, or only its techno-elites? Pez left the Singularity Summit with nagging doubts. ”The fantastic and sometimes shocking technologies discussed at the summit could easily render human beings irrelevant in a winner-takes-all society even more unequal than our current one,” he writes. Such a future may sound like a far-off dystopia. But after finishing Pez’s book, I wondered if we’re already well on our way there.”

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